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NBR Analysis | December 2010

Sino-U.S. Competition and U.S. Security:
How Do We Assess the Military Balance?

Dan Blumenthal

"Clashing political and military objectives will define the rivalry between the U.S. and China," writes Dan Blumenthal, author of this latest edition of NBR Analysis.

The most important characteristics of the rivalry
for the U.S. are those impinging on Washington's ability to defend its interests, such as protecting the U.S. homeland, preventing the emergence of a hostile hegemon in Asia, encouraging continued liberal economic and political reforms, and preserving the global commons. Given President Hu Jintao's upcoming trip to the U.S., these issues may soon come to the forefront of discussions about U.S.-China relations.

These goals must be assessed against China's growing ability
to counter the United States in a possible pursuit of regional hegemony, including coercing U.S. allies, interdicting forces, and cutting off access to parts of the global commons.


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Dan Blumenthal is a Resident Fellow and the Director of Asian Studies at the American Enterprise Institute. He is a Research Associate with the National Asia Research Program, an initiative that seeks to reinvigorate the policy-relevant study of Asia, jointly presented by NBR and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.


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