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Strategic Asia Update
March 2012


DATABASE | Strategic Asia Database - Revised & Updated

The Strategic Asia Database now contains updated data on 70 indicators for 37 countries and an interactive map of the changing balance of power and current Asian military developments. Access the database

PUBLICATION | Strategic Asia 2011-12 on Kindle

Strategic Asia 2011-12: Asia Responds to Its Rising Powers--China and India is now available for Kindle. The current volume in the Strategic Asia series explores how key Asian states and regions are responding to the rise of China and India. Buy the Kindle edition at

Q&A | Post-3/11: Japan's Political and Economic Landscape

NBR spoke with Strategic Asia author Michael J. Green (Center for Strategic and International Studies and Georgetown University) to assess Japan's political and economic direction since the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Read more

Q&A | Iran Sanctions: Is India between a Rock and a Hard Place?

Strategic Asia author Harsh V. Pant (King's College London) discusses the politics of India's relationship with Iran in an interview with NBR. Read more

Q&A | New START, One Year Later

Strategic Asia author Christopher Ford (Hudson Institute) looks back at the negotiation of New START, discusses the treaty's current status, and assesses opportunities for future arms reduction agreements between the United States and Russia. Read more

Q&A | Coping with Change on the Korean Peninsula

NBR spoke with Strategic Asia author Chung Min Lee (Yonsei University) to assess the North Korean leadership transition and its implications for regional security and diplomacy. Read more


How to Mend U.S.-China Ties

Strategic Asia author Elizabeth Economy (Council on Foreign Relations) comments on Chinese vice president Xi Jinping's visit to the United States and its implications for U.S.-China ties in an interview with the Council on Foreign Relations. She asserts, "both China and the United States are committed to a stable and peaceful relationship, but it is characterized above all by friction, uncertainty, and mistrust." Read more at

Maybe Trust, Definitely Verify

Strategic Asia author M. Taylor Fravel (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) discusses findings from a recent Georgetown University study on China's nuclear forces and cautions about the use of open-source data on China's military. Read more in the Diplomat

Permanent Stationing of U.S. Marines in Okinawa

Strategic Asia author and former U.S. ambassador to Japan Michael Armacost (Stanford University) questions the level of attention paid by both Washington and Tokyo to the stationing of U.S. Marines in Okinawa. He believes that bilateral trade issues, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement, should receive more focus. Read more in the Asahi Shimbun


Coping with Giants: South Korea's Responses to China's and India's Rise

Until April 30, download for free Chung Min Lee's Strategic Asia 2011-12 chapter, Coping with Giants: South Korea's Responses to China's and India's Rise.


NBR's Strategic Asia Program is a major ongoing research initiative designed to strengthen and inform strategic decisionmaking on challenges and opportunities for U.S. national interests in Asia.

Guided by Research Director Ashley J. Tellis (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace), the program produces three core deliverables:

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Database Update

Strategic Asia Database

New Kindle Edition

Straegic Asia 2011-12

Q&A with Michael J. Green

Michael J. Green

Q&A with Harsh V. Pant

Harsh V. Pant

Q&A with Christopher Ford

Christopher Ford

Q&A with Chung Min Lee

Chung Min Lee

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