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NBR Update | January 3, 2013



ANALYSIS | The Leap in North Korea's Ballistic Missile Program: The Iran Factor

John S. Park (MIT) argues that the time has come for the United States to view the previously independent missile programs of Iran and North Korea as two sides of the same coin and recommends strategies for disrupting the procurement channels between the two countries. Read now.

ANALYSIS | Northeast Asia Turns Its Attention to the Arctic

In a new NBR Analysis Brief, Linda Jakobson (Lowy Institute for International Policy) examines the case for China, Japan, and South Korea to become permanent observers on the Arctic Council and argues that the United States would give up little in the way of direct influence on Arctic matters by supporting their applications. Read now.

COMMENTARY | The 2012 Japanese Election Paradox: How the LDP Lost Voters and Won the Election

Robert Pekkanen (University of Washington) dissects the results of Japan's recent general election and explains how the LDP won such a resounding victory despite receiving fewer votes and less support than in the 2009 election it lost. Read now.

COMMENTARY | Congress and the New Pacific: Setting Policy by Acquisition

As the U.S. Congress wrestles with difficult budgetary issues, Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa emphasizes the need to carefully consider how critical decisions made now on the U.S. military force and posture, including that tasked with carrying out the rebalance to Asia, will define the future. Read now.

Q&A | Healthcare in India: A Call for Innovative Reform

The health and well-being of India's citizens is central to its growing global role. Victoria Fan (Center for Global Development) provides an assessment of India's health system, the potential for universal health coverage, and other key reforms. Read now.

MULTIMEDIA & TRANSCRIPT | The U.S.-Japan Alliance in the 21st Century

Speaking on November 13 at the 2012 Pyle Center Conference on leadership transitions in Northeast Asia, Kenneth B. Pyle (University of Washington) discussed the state of the U.S.-Japan alliance, Japan's desire for greater autonomy, and what the upcoming leadership change might mean. Choose from audio, video, or transcript.


VANCOUVER, CANADA | 2013 Pacific Energy Summit

April 2-4, 2013 - Under the theme of "Forging Trans-Pacific Cooperation for a New Energy Era," the 2013 Pacific Energy Summit will convene key stakeholders from around the region to explore what is needed to realize the full potential for more integrated energy trade and investment between Asia and North America. Learn more.


WASHINGTON, D.C. | Internship Openings

NBR has internship openings that focus on energy, political and security affairs, and China's military. Learn more.


Partnering Across the Pacific: How a U.S.-Japan partnership can provide pharma potential

GEN Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News quotes from a January 2012 interview NBR conducted with B.T. Slingby, director of global partner solutions at Eisai, who noted that in Japan pharma, "New business models have to be integrated, they have to be innovative, they have to look at volume instead of profit margin, they have to address the unique needs of the healthcare system as a whole, and they have to look at how patients in each country access healthcare and medicines." Read now.


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