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Strategic Asia Update
January 2013


Strategic Asia Available on Project Muse

Strategic Asia 2004-05 through Strategic Asia 2010-11 are now available on Project Muse. These volumes can be accessed for free to those affiliated with institutions that subscribe to Project Muse's book collection. Project Muse is an online database of journals and books managed by Johns Hopkins University.

Find 2012 Data on Asia's Strategic Trends

Do you need to know the population of Japan or the size of the Indonesian Army in 2012? Access the Strategic Asia database, a repository of data on key strategic trends in Asia from 1990 to 2012.


Google Executive Eric Schmidt Visits North Korea

Strategic Asia author Victor Cha (Center for Strategic and International Studies) tells NPR's Wired that Eric Schmidt's visit to North Korea is an opportunity for Kim Jong-un to signal that he is seriously interested in progress, despite the threats this could pose to his authoritarian rule.

PLAAF Seeks to Develop Long-Range Operational Capabilities

The PLA Air Force (PLAFF) seeks to develop its long-range operational capabilities with the Y-20 heavy transport craft, writes Strategic Asia author Andrew Erickson (U.S. Naval War College) in the Diplomat. He claims that while China's stealth aircraft program gets much of the attention, the Y-20 program "offers new military operational possibilities."

Power Struggles in the Indian Ocean: New Delhi Sinking Fast

In the Asia Sentinel, Strategic Asia author Harsh Pant (King's College) comments on the great-power struggle underway between India and China in the Indian Ocean. He speculates that China's new ties with the Maldives, the Seychelles, and Sri Lanka could sink New Delhi's chance at dominance in the region.

The United States-R.O.K. Alliance: The China Factor

In the Korea Times, Strategic Asia author David C. Kang (University of Southern California) writes an open letter to South Korea's new president-elect Park Guen-hye urging for the continuance of U.S.-R.O.K. cooperation, despite differing relations with China.

A Historical Review of Vietnam's Strategic Posture

Strategic Asia author Carlyle Thayer (Australian Defence Force Academy) summarizes Vietnam's strategic posture over the past 50 years in a World Politics Review special report. The article describes the unique challenges that Vietnam faces today in maintaining its credibility at home and abroad.

Crux of Asia Conference (video)

At the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace's Crux of Asia Conference, Strategic Asia research director Ashley J. Tellis (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace) and contributors David Shambaugh (George Washington University) and Frederic Grare (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace) contemplate the role of a rising China and India in the changing global system.


Until February 28, download for free David C. Kang's chapter "South Korea's Embrace of Interdependence in Pursuit of Security," in Strategic Asia 2006-07: Trade, Interdependence, and Security.


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South Korea's Embrace of Interdependence in Pursuit of Security

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